General information

The PowdermaticV1 is the first modular powder dosing system for the ambitious reloader.

Modular, since the PowdermaticV1 can be operated with 6 different digital scales.

With the models

Kern PCB..

G&G JJ..B / BC

A&D FX 120i

Radwag AS 110.R2/R2+


* 8 different dosing parameters and the angle of inclination can be set and saved for each type of powder.

* All relevant loading data can be saved for each weapon.

* Extensive security features prevent accidental or technical conditional overdose.

* Control via an APP (Android)

* Reading the charging data via QR code

Fastest and safest dosing system on the market.   Developed and manufactured in Germany

Users manual 24.02.2023
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The App 

Save dosing parameters for each type of powder

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